An Introduction

Hello, and thanks for stopping in! This is The Modular Perspective: a blog about mathematics.

Roll Credits…


Just kidding! That wouldn’t be much of an introduction now would it? I suppose, in the same light as presenting mathematics, I should give you motivation as to what this blog is about.

In my early undergraduate career I fell under the impression that mathematicians get a bad rap as being these antisocial people studying a lack-luster and incomprehensible field who sit in front of large multi-layered blackboards all day twiddling a piece of chalk and sipping on coffee. Quite the contrary!

We’re not all antisocial, much more lively than you might think, and we don’t sit in front of blackboards all day (well most days anyways). What I want to do here is break this impression for aspiring mathematicians or anyone with an interest in serious mathematics. In particular, I want this blog to serve the following purposes:

  1. Present topics in advanced undergraduate and graduate mathematics in an appealing way
  2. Give advice to early undergraduates about building their undergraduate “mathematical resume,” and suggest opportunities to get involved in at their university.
  3. Discuss and review soft mathematical literature and other fun tidbits that popup in the mathematical community.
  4. Show past and present research.

Most of the posts, except those in category (3), will be geared towards undergraduates studying mathematics. Sometimes I will present topics in a single post and others in a small series. The posts which belong to category (1), which will make up the bulk of the content on this blog, will consist of material I have recently studied or am studying. Most if not all of it will require familiarity of material in first year sequences of abstract algebra, topology, and analysis.

With all of that said, I hope you stick around and enjoy math a little more with every post!

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