Graduate Text Notes

Welcome to a new collection of posts that will consist of semi-constantly updated notes for several graduate level mathematics texts. To give some background, I tend to notate my books fairly heavily and in a manner that makes it easier for myself to read through them if I ever need to review something. I’ve decided to share a form of these notes here in hopes that it will make reading these texts much less of a hassle for others. As of the birth of this post, these notes are in the form of a LaTeX PDF and a link will be provided below. I’m currently working with a few colleges in the department to help improve the quality of the notes, so if any significant changes are made I will make a note of them here. If you happen to use these notes, any and all comments/criticisms are appreciated and the best way to contact me is through my contact page. Enjoy!

Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology – Bott & Tu

Algebraic Number Theory – Neukirch

Number Theory in Function Fields – Rosen

Updates current as of 5.14.19

3.25.19 – Bott & Tu chapters 1-5 notes posted.

3.26.19 – Added text reference boxes in the Bott & Tu notes; these will be added to all future notes.

3.27.19 – Minor fixes for Bott & Tu notes.

3.28.19 – New text: Neukirch. Neukirch chapter 2 notes posted. Minor fixes for Bott & Tu notes.

3.30.19 – Notes for Neukirch chapters 3-4 added.

4.6.19 Notes for Bott & Tu chapter 6 and Neukirch chapters 5-7 posted. Minor changes to increase readability.

4.13.19 Minor Changes and additions. Drake T. added as a collaborator for Bott & Tu and Neukirch notes.

4.23.19 Typo corrections and notes for Neukirch chapter 8 posted.

4.30.19 Added notes for Neukirch chapter 8.

4.30.19 New text: Rosen. Rosen chapter 1 notes posted.


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