Below are series of typset notes that I am making publically available. They are in the form of \LaTeX PDFs or beamer slides. Descriptions are provided above the links. Any and all comments/criticisms are appreciated, and the best way to contact me is through my contact page.

Quantum Groups Booklet

This is a booklet of typset lecture notes for a topics in algebra class on quantum groups B. Brubaker taught during the fall 2020 semester. It assumes no background with quantum groups, strong knowledge of abstract and linear algebra, and some familarity with representation theory (in particular highest weight theory). The booklet itself can serve as a first course in quantum groups. There is an attached file with two problem sets including solutions.

Notre Dame RTG Topology & Geometry: Closed Geodesics

These are typeset notes of a talk I particularly enjoyed at the Notre Dame RTG topology & Geometry conference in 2019. The talk was delivered by gradaute student Gabor Székelyhidi on closed geodesics.

UMN REU Background Theory Notes (Expected)

These will be notes on the background theory required for the UMN REU in 2020. No notes consisting of the actual research or research propositions will be included. They will be posted as an ongoing project begnning mid June if not earlier.

Presentation Notes

This section houses my raw notes, scripts, and beamer slides for all the presentations and talks I have given.