Undergraduate Mathematics Research Seminar

When: Tuesdays 12:20-1:10

Where: Zoom link

Mailing List: Google form

The Undergraduate Mathematics Research Seminar (UMRS) is a seminar hosted by the University of Minnesota math department for undergraduates pursuing research, interested in research, or who are just interested in learning more mathematics. For the Spring 2021 semester the seminar will be held online and we welcome those interested from outside universities. If you’d like to be on the mailing list or want to give a talk, see the google form above. To see the 2019-2020 schedule see here and for the 2018-2019 schedule see here.

  • Speaker: Delanna Do – Date: TBD – Title: TBD
  • Speaker: Griffin Macris – Date: TBD – Title: TBD
  • Speaker: Drake Thomas – Date: TBD – Title: TBD
  • Speaker: Antonino Travia – Date: TBD – Title: TBD
  • Speaker: Henry Twiss – Date: 2/11 – Title: Root Systems Attached to Dirichlet L-Series and a Partition Game

Recent work has shown that certain root systems arising from Kac-Moody Lie algebras play a critical role in new asymptotic formula for moments of families of Dirichlet L-functions. The roots, in a lose sense, determine coefficients in the asymptotic formula which are difficult to compute explicitely and cassification of the roots would lead to more simple methods of computing the asymptotic coefficents. The roots can be viewed as partitions, and progress has been made in determining which paritions are realized as roots. We will discuss these partitions, some of their properties, and methods of classifying them.

Undergraduate Mathematics Virtual Lounge

When: Always

Where: Gather Town

The Undergraduate Mathematics Virtual Lounge is an Gather Town room where mathematics undergraduates from the University of Minnesota can get together to socialize, group study, ask questions, and exchange advice about excelling in the program. The room will remain open for the Spring 2021 semester and the password is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways (the Ramanujan-Hardy number). If anyone would like to take on the project of builder to recreate the virtual lounge to match the undergraduate mathematics lounge in Vincent Hall, contact me for access!